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auto alogning beam detector

The Auto-Aligning Beam Detector is a compact detector for detecting smoke in large open areas such as warehouses, theatres, churches and sports centres. It comprises of a ground level Controller, a Detector Head with an operating range of 8m-50m and a single prism. The operating range of each detector head can be increased, up to 100m by using the Extension Kit, which comprises of three additional prisms. For large areas, an additional detector head can operate off of one controller.


intelligent reflective beam detector

The intelligent reflective beam detector is a compact detector for detecting smoke in large open areas such as atria, warehouses, theatres and churches. It also has a built-in 20D negative bi-directional short circuit isolator.

The transmitter and receiver form a single unit mounted to a wall of the building. A reflector which returns the IR beam from the transmitter to the receiver is mounted on the opposite wall. In the event of smoke partially obscuring the light an imbalance between the transmitted and received light will occur. On interrogation by the control panel the detector will then transmit an alarm value.

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